Janitronics cleans more biotechnology space than any other company in the metropolitan Boston area. The attention to detail and high standards of performance that this type of space demands make us unparalleled in the field of building services.

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The complicated maintenance and cleaning procedures for a biotech facility can only be performed by trained, knowledgeable people. Janitronics has developed and implemented SOP's for many of the area's most prestigious biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

As trainer Jeff Phillips writes in "Critical Cleaning Validation for Pharmaceuticals and Biotech Industry", "A complete cleaning program may be difficult to construct, take a long time and be filled with pitfalls. The goal of cleaning validation is to ensure that a specific cleaning process will consistently clean to predetermined limits so as to prevent contaminants from leaving residues that will contaminate the next manufactured product".

Validations as defined by the FDA, who have inspected many of the facilities we maintain, as well as the International Conference on Harmonization, need to be reviewed and discussed.

Janitronics understands the complexities of this type of maintenance and in conjunction with our client's employees we have been able to excel in this demanding field.


R&D Laboratories
Class 10,000 and 100,000 level cleanrooms
Glass wash
Quality Control
GMP Manufacturing
GMP Clinical Trials
Pass Through Airlocks
Equipment Airlocks
Gowning and Dressing
Warehouse and Storage


Daily and periodic cleaning and sanitizing of all cleanroom surfaces; including walls, ceilings, floors, fixtures and equipment.

Cleaning and sanitizing of dollies, carts and related mobile equipment.

Daily and periodic cleaning of warehouse floors, storage areas, racks, floors, offices, horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Stainless steel cleaning and polishing of tanks, piping fixtures and other architectural stainless steel surfaces.

Cold room mold remediation.

The above is a partial list of the services we provide.

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