For three generations Janitronics Building Services, which has always been locally owned and managed, has worked with its clients to enhance the investment value of their properties by providing responsive and comprehensive building services.

We currently provide building services to companies in both downtown and suburban locations, employing a staff working toward 1,600 people. Our clients are exclusively those developers, property management, corporate, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and health care firms who require the high level of service we provide.

Janitronics offers decided advantages to our clients because we apply sound management principles to building maintenance services.

We've built our business on understanding the vital role maintenance plays in both tenant satisfaction and the protection of capital assets. Maintenance is far more than a series of simple cleaning tasks. It demands commitment, skill, constant attention to detail, and clear communication. We can assure you of satisfaction and enhanced value for your property.

Why Janitronics?

• More than 40 years experience in custom building service contracting for first-class office buildings, retail developments, high technology, and biotechnology firms.

• Clientele limited to firms that share our philosophy of building management and standards of service.

• The unique proprietary Janitronics management network of area managers and district managers to assure quality through accountability, communication and client contact.

• The Janitronics computerized maintenance system to schedule, track and verify the satisfactory completion of work.

• Full-service capabilities, including window cleaning, power washing, and other special services.

• Emergency services available to all clients around the clock; with staff of over 1,600, we are able to muster properly trained employees to handle fire, floods, snow, and other emergency situations.

• A competent and fully trained work force with ample opportunity to advance within the organization.

• Well developed safety programs, with an emphasis on safe equipment, supplies, and procedures, including the Green Clean program of environmentally sound products.

• Above all, a commitment to you, the client, from everyone at Janitronics.


Everyone at Janitronics is dedicated to delivering quality service to our clients, all of whom share our standards of excellence.


Each member of the Janitronics team, from on line employees to Executive Management, understands that he or she is personally accountable to our clients. Our Management Network provides built-in accountability through interlocking levels of responsibility and careful checks on work planned and performed.


Our Computerized Maintenance System facilitates complete control of all the tasks planned and performed as part of each building's custom maintenance program. With the close monitoring and reporting our computerized system provides, we know what is scheduled and confirm that it has been done.


Both the Management Network and the Computerized Maintenance System are based on communication. Regular visits and written reports keep our clients and Janitronics Executive Management fully apprised of work progress, any problems, or special requests. Constant communication builds relationships, keeps potential problems from starting, and helps us to continually improve the quality of service we deliver.


Employees, at all levels, make or break a service company. We do everything we can to make sure our employees fulfill your needs. Our ratio of line workers to management is the most favorable in the industry. Each Project Manager is dedicated to a single property. Area Managers and District Managers are responsible for a limited numbers of properties. All members of Executive Management have been property or facility managers, so they understand your concerns. And our entire management team has worked its way up within our organization.

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Locally Owned

We have been locally owned and managed by the same family for three generations.

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