At Janitronics, we think a cleaner environment is just as important as a cleaner workplace. That's why we are committed to providing a Green Clean Program and Green Seal cleaning products that are sound for the environment.


Green Clean is Janitronics' program of customized building services committed to the use of environmentally sound Green Seal cleaning products. However, in the name of environmental responsibility, we have not sacrificed our superior standards of cleanliness. These products, when combined with eco-friendly supplies and procedures, enable us to maintain your property with minimal adverse effect on the planet we inhabit.


• To promote the well-being and safety of your properties' occupants by eliminating their exposure to potentially hazardous contaminants
• For the positive effect a Green Clean indoor environment has on employee health and productivity
• For effective and reliable cleaning that does
not negatively impact the environment outside your building
• For the long-term commitment to the protection of our environment
• To assist your property down the path toward LEED certification

Makes a world of difference.


In our continuing search for new and better ways to serve our clients, we have inaugurated the Green Clean Program of environmentally sound products and supplies. This program helps ensure the safety of our clients, their tenants and visitors, our employees, and the overall environment. But in our effort to increase environmental safety in our properties, we have not lost sight of the objective of superior cleaning. To be used in the Green Clean Program, a product must meet or exceed all state and federal environmental regulations and have been proven effective and reliable.


Janitronics can provide all maintenance housekeeping services and expertise in other building service areas for your property to receive the maximum number of LEED certification points available. In fact, we have been instrumental in properties being able to receive many levels of LEED certification.

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