Do you need to spend all your time supervising your building services contractor? Janitronics has developed an expert supervisory network so you'll be fully satisfied with our performance without having to devote complete involvement with the process. Our multilevel management network is the most comprehensive in the industry.

All our managers share the goal of complete client satisfaction and to help achieve it, we've built back-up into our supervisory structure and created a sophisticated, computerized program to monitor service and quality at each of our properties. These administrative measures support client communication and relationship-building.

At Janitronics, we don't simply clean your building each night; we give you and your tenants a team dedicated to quality work and problem-solving. The management network of supervision contains both top-down and bottom-up feedback loops, comprising project managers, area managers, district managers, quality control managers, and executive management. This management network means that there are constant checks on the quality of work, and that any problems will be solved in their earliest stages. Your project manager is on site with the cleaning crew during the entire work shift, and members of Janitronics executive management visit regularly, during business hours and during the cleaning shift. In fact, Janitronics will build goodwill for you with your tenants and/or employees by developing strong ties both with them and with you.

At Janitronics, we are keenly aware that client satisfaction is the responsibility of everyone from executive management to each individual line worker. That's why we have instituted an ongoing program to recruit, train, and develop the most effective employees in the industry.

Project Managers

Each Janitronics Project Manager is dedicated to a single property. We believe that quality suffers under roving supervisors who must attend to more than one building. Your Janitronics project manager has only your needs to focus on and is on site as all work is performed. The project manager's responsibilities include:

• Ensuring that all employees under their supervision adhere to all practices, standards, and regulations set forth by Janitronics, by your company, and by your tenants.

• Acting as liaison between you and your tenants to handle any problem or special request. This liaison role promotes a close working relationship between the tenant and Janitronics and alleviates your concern for the tenant's daily maintenance needs.

• Conducting daily inspections to ensure that all scheduled maintenance tasks have been performed according to specifications.

• Maintaining all periodic work records including the Daily Supervisor's Report, completed each day for your inspection.

• Checking your client log book or special maintenance needs and tasks daily, and fulfilling requests in the timeliest fashion.

• Maintaining all periodic work records including the daily Supervisor's report, completed each day for your inspection.

• Maintaining all storage closets and Janitronics equipment and supplies keeping them in a safe and orderly manner.

• Reporting to the Janitronics area manager on a daily basis concerning: quality of the crew's performance; any personnel problems that may arise; special requests from tenants or management; condition of equipment; ordering of supplies; progress on periodic work.

• Ensuring that the Janitronics custom maintenance program designed for your property is running smoothly and incorporating any changes made for quality improvement.

Area Managers

All Janitronics Area Managers have been developed and trained at Janitronics; they are educated, aggressive individuals who have served as Project Managers and have then been promoted and trained for a new level of responsibility. Janitronics Area Managers are constantly available to clients, and make regular visits to clients and tenants during business hours. To provide this level of service, we limit both the geographical area and the number of facilities each Area Manager covers. In fact, we have the most generous ratio in the industry of Area Managers to properties. The responsibilities of the Area Manager include:

• First and foremost, continual visits to each of their properties.

• Constant communication with your representative to promote total satisfaction with our work.

• Regular visits, conducted during business hours, with your tenants. During these visits, the Area Manager addresses any problems, schedules special requests, and demonstrates a concern for your tenants by both your company and Janitronics.

• A daily debriefing with each Project Manager concerning; observations made during visits; comments and requests made by clients; comments and requests made by tenants; periodic work schedules; condition of equipment; supply requisitions.

• Completion of periodic quality control reports.

• Reporting to the District Manager on a daily basis.

District Managers

Like Area Managers, District Managers have risen to their positions through the ranks at Janitronics. These highly skilled individuals are each responsible for only three Area Managers so they can devote the necessary attention to the properties in their areas. The responsibilities of the District Manager are:

• Coordinating all Janitronics activities in their territory.

• Meeting with each client on a regular basis to monitor the quality of Janitronics' performance and, in particular, the responsiveness of the area manager.

• Visiting tenants periodically to ensure that area managers are following through on requests and suggestions.

• Issuing periodic quality control reports.

• Scheduling all periodic tasks with the area manager and ensuring that all program requirements are being fulfilled.

• Making periodic visits to each client in tandem with the area manager.

• Meeting periodically with all project managers in the territory.

• Communicating with executive management on a daily basis.

Executive Management

Like the other members of the management network, Janitronics Executive Management is consistently in the field visiting client properties and ensuring that all quality standards are maintained. Every member of Executive Management is a former facility manager or property manager. They have been in your position, and they know your problems and concerns. Since Executive Management is so directly involved with all tiers of the management network and regularly visits properties, all our people realize their own importance as part of the team effort. On the administrative side, as well, Janitronics understands the importance of knowing your needs, so we can design all our administrative systems to mesh with yours.

Quality Control Managers

At Janitronics, unlike other firms, Quality Control Managers report directly to Executive Management. Quality Control Managers make constant visits to our properties. These visits are not on a set schedule, and Project Managers are not apprised of their timing. On each visit, the Quality Control Manager makes a detailed inspection and records all information on audit forms, which are then reviewed by Executive Management. These quality control audits are absolutely vital to the success of each individualized facility program and to ultimate client satisfaction. Clients are invited to review quality control audit reports. If necessary, Quality Control Managers will work directly with the Area Manager and District Manager to improve quality of service or communication at any property.


Our current employees are our primary recruiters. Our practices of good management, above-average wages, thorough training and support, and promotion from within the organization mean that turnover is low, and our current employees are eager to bring their friends and family into the organization. We are especially proud of the strong relationships we have formed within the community and the opportunity we have afforded to people with a real desire to persevere and succeed. Although our recruitment process is largely word-of-mouth, it is far from casual. Each applicant fills out an employment application and is interviewed by the human resources department to establish suitability for current or anticipated job openings. A second interview with the operations department backs up the human resources screening. Following reference checks, a successful candidate receives an offer and completes the necessary paperwork before beginning the Janitronics training program.


New employees receive a complete orientation to Janitronics, with special attention to the Janitronics methodology and commitment to client satisfaction. Each employee receives a Janitronics employee handbook, which outlines:

• company policies, rules and regulations
• the management network concept
• safety specifications, both general and situation-specific
• accident prevention and procedures
• fire prevention and procedures
• emergency procedures
• building security
• right-to-know legislation

Part of each orientation session is devoted to a complete review of the contents of the handbook so that new employees can refer to their individual copies, take notes, and ask questions. Orientation leaders are proficient in Spanish as well as English. So new employees will feel comfortable and gain complete information, the handbook is presented in both English and Spanish.

Employee Development

Employee development, together with above-average wages and safe working conditions, is central to maintaining a stable, competent, work force committed to client satisfaction. Our policy is to develop employees through continued training so we can promote from within. All of our Area Managers and District Managers, for example, have risen through the ranks to their positions of responsibility. Our training center plays an important part in employee development, serving as a demonstration site for complex maintenance procedures. Supervisory personnel also receive training in client service, forging relationships with tenants, and effective management of line workers. We have an active employee-of the-month program to recognize achievement, and a commendation program recognizing and rewarding individuals who have performed special services, such as finding and returning wallets or helping in emergency situations. We also know that there are many ways to foster team spirit-witness our employee softball team, champions for the past two seasons. That same kind of championship teamwork is just as evident on the job as in the field. Janitronics makes an extra effort to foster employee goodwill through our ongoing commitment to local programs, charities, and organizations.

Computerized Maintenance System

We realize that building service providers have not been known for the standard of accountability their clients deserve. We have set about to do business differently – at a level of sophistication and accountability mirroring that of our clients. We devised our unique computerized maintenance system for two reasons:
• the internal control of tasks for which we are responsible and for keeping you informed of all cleaning and maintenance progress.
• this practice guarantees you full accountability and offers you a valuable information tool about your property at times when you are not on site. When we assume responsibility for a property, we design a custom maintenance program. Our system then sorts the tasks and creates daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly schedules. Project Managers are responsible for completing the tasks at the specified frequencies. A date and signature are recorded as each task is completed, and the filled-in forms are delivered to both you and Janitronics Executive Management at the end of each month.

Daily Supervisor Reports

This form is completed nightly by the Project Manager and delivered to your representative's desk at the close of the shift for inspection in the morning. The Daily Supervisor's Report contains the following information:
• confirmation that the Project Manager has checked your Client Log Book and acted on any requests it contains.
• confirmation that all doors, lights, and alarms have been checked.
• notification of any offices still occupied by tenants as the Janitronics crew prepares to leave the building.
• notation of any problem such as leaks or broken equipment.
The Daily Supervisor's Report has become an invaluable tool for our clients' property managers. It documents that work has been done properly. It gives the Property Manager the opportunity to inform a tenant's Office Manager that employees have been working late and, it can eliminate complaints that the cleaning crew failed to turn out lights or lock doors. This form is one more way that communication makes the operation run smoothly.

Extra Work Schedule

These forms are a review of all periodic work scheduled for the month. It divides all the extra tasks into appropriate categories: carpet shampooing, bathroom floor scrubbing, etc. As the month proceeds, the Project Manager gradually completes the form as each scheduled task is accomplished. At the end of the month, a copy of the completed form is delivered to the client for review. Each task is confirmed with a signature and date. Through this means, Janitronics maintains full accountability and provides you with detailed records, not guesswork.

Safety and Risk Management

In its training and development programs, Janitronics emphasizes the safe and efficient use of resources for the benefit of its clients, their tenants, and our own employees. We have established a corporate safety policy defining Janitronics' safety philosophy and have informed all employees of their individual responsibilities in carrying it out. This policy is part of our employee handbook and training both for new employees and more seasoned workers. In addition to training, we provide our employees with the safest equipment and supplies with which to do their jobs. No product or piece of equipment is ever used without testing at our training and demonstration center.

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