General housekeeping is only the foundation of a complete building services program. Specialized services and techniques, along with creative ways to enhance your property's value are available from Janitronics. A full service building services contractor plays an important role in maintaining today's complex office, retail and facility environments.

Janitronics has become a full service provider offering myriad of special services which are listed below. We are in the business of alleviating your need to manage and direct various services performed at your property.

If Janitronics is unable to perform any service you may require "in house", we have established relationships with many respected sub-contractors who we can recommend for almost any need you may have, and we'll work hand and hand with them so you don't have to.

Office Services-Porter / Matron Service

Many companies today benefit by employing Janitronics personnel in their Office Services department. Our people perform a variety of tasks. These include: setting up functions, cleaning conference rooms before and after meetings, serving food, delivering mail, moving boxes and furniture, changing light bulbs, policing lobbies and restrooms, and just about any other Office Services need. We presently have clients who employ as many as thirty Office Services related individuals performing a myriad of tasks in their office facilities. Whatever your requirements, Janitronics can tailor a program to satisfy your needs.

Furniture Cleaning, Polishing and Restoration

Exotic wood finishes in offices, conference rooms and common areas need periodic cleaning, buffing, or restoration to maintain their luster. We possess the finest products available to clean and maintain all wood and stone surfaces. We can even arrange for a professional wood restorer to repair and restore both furniture and millwork.

Carpet Shampooing

Vacuuming is not enough to keep your carpets clean. Periodic shampooing using either the extraction or dry cleaning method is necessary to restore a clean, fresh look to your carpets. We offer an array of carpet maintenance programs. Whether you demand a tailored preventative maintenance program or simply a one time cleaning, the care of your carpets is integral to the total look of your office. Carpet protectant applicants are also available.

Upholstery and Fabric Partitions

Office furniture and fabric partitions cannot be ignored in today's office. The deterioration of these surfaces is slow and often unnoticed, but smoke, dust, and dirt permeate these fabrics. They must be cleaned periodically to bring back their original color and texture. We can also clean any upholstered furniture in your office, from a fine Egyptian cotton sofa to a simple upholstered secretarial chair. Periodic cleaning and the application of fabric protectants are other ways Janitronics can help you maintain a quality look.

Leather Upholstery

Seating in executive offices, common areas and conference rooms is frequently leather. Similar to any other material or fabric, body oils, soil, and time diminish the look of leather. We possess superior products and techniques which will maintain and clean all leather surfaces.

Tile Floors

Your tiled cafeteria, corridor, production area, or storeroom floors will eventually become stained, dull, and worn unless they are properly maintained. Janitronics can restore a high gloss to these areas with a stripping and redressing that uses the finest floor finishes available. Even "anti-static" finishes are available. An ongoing floor-buffing program may also be considered.

Computer Rooms

The heart of many companies today, the computer room is an area that must be maintained properly with periodic "super" cleaning. This includes equipment cleaning, removing dust from under raised floors, and dry stripping of floor tiles. Janitronics is prepared to give your computer room the attention it demands.

Windows and Interior Glass Cleaning

Janitronics offers complete interior and exterior window cleaning services. We can schedule an ongoing program to keep both building perimeter windows and interior glass partitions clean.

Power Steam Cleaning

Janitronics possesses a truck-mounted diesel-powered pressure/steam-cleaning machine capable of restoring and washing all types of masonry surfaces. This equipment is employed extensively to clean sidewalks, parking garages, and building exteriors. Whether a one-time restoration procedure or an ongoing maintenance program, Janitronics can satisfy your needs.

Metal, Marble and Wood Floor Care

We offer complete restoration, refinishing, and ongoing maintenance services for all wood, marble, bronze, brass, aluminum, and stainless steel surfaces. Our expertise includes cleaning, coating, impregnating, and maintaining all architectural elements, whether interior or exterior. On-call graffiti removal services are also available.

• Metal is one of the most important features of your property. It is not only functional, but also adds to the character of your building. Metal elements in your building can include doors, elevators, window frames, signs, banisters, mullions, railings, entryways and light fixtures. Janitronics can provide a one time operation or a maintenance program that will ensure the consistent shine of the metal, throughout the year. Whether it is Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Bronze, Copper or Chrome Steel, we consistently strive to develop and apply the best methods to restore all metals to their original luster as well as repair finishes, scratches and metal surfaces.

• Stone is one of your property's most prestigious building elements. Throughout time, it has served as an icon of power and elegance. Stone can be found within the most prominent areas of your property. Janitronics offers a full range of finishing and restoration services including sealing, polishing, restoration, degreasing, deep cleaning, color enhancing, grinding and honing. Our highly skilled craftsmen are experienced in a variety of methods designed to enhance and protect the beauty of all of your natural stone surfaces.

• Wood is a timeless architectural element. Beautifully maintained wood adds a unique blend of prestige and warmth to your environment. However, wood is one of the most sensitive materials in your property. Over time, wood can be scratched and dented. PureView, LLC uses expert methods to restore and maintain all wood in your property as a one time operation, or through the use of a maintenance program.

• Ceramic is one of the most versatile and widely used flooring materials in the world. One of the major issues when it comes to ceramic is keeping the grout clean. Over the years, not only the grout gets dirty, but also, the ceramic loses its luster. Janitronics has the technology to deep clean the grout, polish and seal all of your ceramic needs.

Specialty Products

Janitronics carries a complete line of specialty products to aid in the maintenance of your office. Our most popular item is custom-designed matting with your company logo. These mats are manufactured for both interior and/or exterior usage. Should you need any type of maintenance or cleaning product, we will be happy to find it for you.

Emergency Services

We provide 24-hour emergency service for our clients. Our staff includes specially trained crews to respond in case of fire, flood, and other emergency situations. The size of our organization enables us to assemble experienced teams of employees at any time.

Hard Floor Care

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