Who We Are

For four generations Janitronics Building Services, which is locally owned and managed, has worked with its clients to enhance the investment value of their properties by providing responsive and comprehensive building services.

Who We Are


After starting out as a window cleaning company in the early 1900s, we began to get requests from customers asking if we could take care of other cleaning needs. These needs ranged from washing floors, vacuuming carpets and cleaning restrooms to general housekeeping services. Our decision to start offering these services was the turning point in transforming a window washing company into a building services company: the Janitronics Building Services of today.


At Janitronics, we take building services very seriously. With an employee base approaching 2,000 people, we have built our business on understanding the vital role maintenance plays in both tenant satisfaction and the protection of capital assets. We believe it is a simple matter of thinking intelligently about your requirements, anticipating your needs, and bringing the right resources to bear.


Our clients are exclusively developers, property management, corporate, multifamily, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and health care firms who require the high level of service we provide.


We are dedicated to delivering quality service to our clients who share our standards of excellence. Constant communication builds our relationships, keeps potential problems from starting and helps us to continually improve the quality of service we deliver.


Our Computerized Maintenance System facilitates complete control over the tasks planned and performed as part of each building’s custom maintenance program. With the close monitoring and reporting this system provides, we know what is scheduled and are able to confirm when they are completed.


Employees at all levels make or break a service company. Our ratio of line workers to management is the most favorable in the industry. Each Project Manager is dedicated to a single property, while Area Managers and District Managers are responsible for a limited number of properties in a defined geographic area. In addition, all members of our Executive Management team were previously property or facility managers and have worked their way up within our organization.