Who We Are

For five generations Janitronics Building Services, which is locally owned and managed, has worked with its clients to enhance the investment value of their properties by providing responsive and comprehensive building services.

Corporate Responsibility

Janitronics takes ESG performance seriously. We are committed to corporate responsibility and monitoring our environmental, social, and governance metrics to track our progress and communicate with our stakeholders.  While we are just in our first year of formalizing our program, processes and reporting frameworks, we have a long history of working to continuously improve on these issues.


Our company benefits from our ESG-related projects in that they help us see deeper into our operations, reduce risk, improve customer relations, and assure us we have the absolute best staff and capacities to meet our clients’ needs.


Building on our existing work, we are in the midst of calculating our first ever corporate-wide greenhouse gas inventory, as well as fully assessing our social, economic and governance practices. We are committed to diversity, inclusivity, and equity, and being best in class for our industry. Janitronics does a lot for the community, and our teammates. We are on a solid path of corporate sustainability and ongoing value creation for our stakeholders.


Some highlights of our ESG efforts to date include: 


For the Environment, we:
• Are Green Seal Certified and utilize green cleaning as our standard operating procedure
• Provide LEED-credit qualifying cleaning services
• Have 26 members who are certified in Cleaning Industry Management Systems (CIMS) and 10 Fitwel Ambassadors
• Provide services & new technology by industry leaders Leonardo Academy & Ashkin Group
• Conduct trash audits for clients and report on diversion rates and improper sorting
• Have a paper-reduction office program, including paperless payroll and prioritizing electronic transactions with clients
• Set all printers to be badge-operated, with default double-sided no color
• Reduce water consumption through our equipment and chemical maintenance system
• Implement lighting intensity reduction programs in our client sites


For our People, we:
• Support the lifelong learning of our employees through training & continued education
• Help improve financial literacy, build credit, and create savings habits by establishing bank accounts and email addresses for all employees
• Increased diversity in both workforce and executive leadership with a goal for 50% diverse representation in the executive team
• Improved employee onboarding and made safety everyone’s top priority
• Enhanced employee wellbeing through a new and healthier HQ facility, with a full-service cafeteria, fitness center, walking paths, etc.
• Perform wellness checks to preserve the mental health of all employees and conduct weekly meetings with all salaried employees to address any outstanding issues
• Offer a health plan without any out-of-pocket contributions from employees


For our Community, we:  
• Have established community partnerships with organizations including Champions for Children, Massachusetts Children’s Hospital, Back Bay Association, and many more
• Volunteer and focus our donation strategy on education and supporting children, health services and community services
• Are consistently one of the top donors in our community
• Compensate employees for all volunteering initiatives 
• Source 85% of all our cleaning products through woman-owned, local businesses
• Established over 90% of our total number suppliers locally


In terms of Governance, we:
• Have a family ownership structure organized as an S corporation
• Manage sustainability and set goals at the COO and CFO level
• Are finalizing our Ethics policy in early 2021
• Monitor consumer privacy 24/7 through a third-party security service and offer secure VPN connections to all sites
• Ensure no lobbying occurs or financial donations to political representatives are made


We shall communicate our formal, documented sustainability policy and efforts in April of this year. We are collecting existing information, developing an appropriate framework, analyzing our processes, and drafting a comprehensive statement. We will post our ESG report to our website for all stakeholders (internal and external) to have access, as well as sending you a PDF version of these efforts once it is fully complete.