Who We Are

For four generations Janitronics Building Services, which is locally owned and managed, has worked with its clients to enhance the investment value of their properties by providing responsive and comprehensive building services.

Corporate Responsibility

Janitronics takes ESG performance seriously. We are committed to corporate responsibility and monitoring our environmental, social, and governance metrics to track our progress and communicate with our stakeholders.  As we complete our third year of reporting, we continue to make noticeable improvements and ongoing commitments to this program. 


You can read our 2022 ESG Report by clicking here.

You can read our current DE&I Policy by clicking here.

You can read our Supplier Code of Conduct by clicking here.


Our company benefits from our ESG-related projects in that they help us see deeper into our operations, reduce risk, improve customer relations, and assure us we have the absolute best staff and capacities to meet our clients’ needs.


Building on our existing work, we continue calculating our corporate-wide greenhouse gas inventory, as well as fully assessing our social, economic and governance practices. We are committed to diversity, inclusivity, and equity, and being best in class for our industry. Janitronics does a lot for the community, and our teammates. We are on a solid path of corporate sustainability and ongoing value creation for our stakeholders.


Some highlights of our ESG efforts to date include: 


For the Environment, we:

• Achieved carbon neutrality for our operational footprint

• Emissions per employee decreased by 29% compared to 2021

• Sourced renewable energy for our 2022 corporate office electricity use via the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)

• Purchased our first company HV in 2022 and ordered an additional four EVs to be delivered in 2023

• Enrolled 110 new clients in drop-shipping and avoided an estimated 10,800 miles in travel

• Reduced emissions from our paper consumption by 87% compared to 2021 levels

• Maintained a strong recycling system in our office, diverting 90% of waste annually

• Continued to supplement plentiful natural light with LED bulbs, use a paperless timecard and payroll system, and reduce waste through badge-operated printing.

• Conducted waste and energy sustainability audits for six clients

• Maintained low water use of 0.47 ML per year in the corporate office


For our People, we:

• Continued living wage pay for all positions. Our field employees’ entry-level pay is up to 40% higher than Massachusetts minimum wage

• All field employees are members of the Service Employees International Union and can access Benefits such as 100% employer-paid family medical insurance with dental coverage, pension contributions, and employer-funded training and legal funds

• Significantly expanded the volume of employees trained for the lab environment

• Increased representation of women and people of color in leadership positions at the corporate level to above 50%

• Added a formal 60-day check-in to identify gaps in our onboarding system and ensure new employees have all the tools for success

• Offered tuition reimbursement for continued education and certifications including CIMS, Fitwel, NYU Stern, cGMP, and others.

• Continued our efforts to improve accessibility and equity for our highly diverse employee base

• Maintained a comprehensive occupational health and safety management system that is compliant with federal, state, and local regulations

• Achieved a low recordable injury rate of 0.83 and had zero incidents of noncompliance with regulations

• Established a formal Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee and conducted our first pay equity analysis


For our Community, we:  

• Allocated 99% of our procurement spend to local suppliers and prioritized local candidates in our hiring at all levels

• Completed 8 impactful philanthropic volunteering events

• Completed approximately 150 volunteer hours in 2022, an increase from 2021

• Earned the Boston Business Journal’s Corporate Citizenship Award in 2022 for the 10th consecutive year

• Donated more than $146,000 to a variety of charitable causes

• Continued to participate in many Boston- and Massachusetts-centered organizations, including the Commercial Real Estate Development Association (NAIOP MA), the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA Boston), and MassEcon

• Used the lens of ESG to see into our operations for further improvements


In terms of Governance, we:

• Discussed ESG quarterly at the executive and committee levels, with management involved across all sites

• Formalized our business principles into a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics in 2021

• To ensure alignment with ESG best practices, we worked with external consultants and industry experts to guide our initiatives

• Cross-functional ESG Committee met monthly to drive ESG initiatives, including five subcommittees: Standard Operating Procedures, Carbon Neutrality, EV, Fitwel, and DEI

• Reported our progress to ownership quarterly and to the public annually, ensuring transparency by complying with GRI guidelines

• Regularly updated our data privacy protocols to align with best practices

• Zero privacy breaches in 2022

• Maintained close connections with our stakeholders

• Numerous memberships in local and industry groups kept us connected to the Greater Boston community


We shall communicate our formal, documented sustainability policy and efforts annually. We will continue to collect existing information, develop and update the appropriate framework, analyze our processes, and draft a comprehensive statements regularly. We will post our ESG reports to our website for all stakeholders (internal and external) to have access and create full transparency.