Biotech & Life Sciences

Janitronics Building Services cleans more biotechnology and life science space than any other company in New England. The attention to detail and high standards of performance that the biotechnology and life science industries demand makes us unparalleled in the field of building services.

Exceeding Expectations

People have very specific expectations about what should happen when they arrive at their workplace. Nowhere is this expectation more important than in a cleanroom, an R&D lab, a controlled environment assembly area or a controlled environment manufacturing area.


Maintenance and all other building functions are especially delicate in these areas and mishaps can cause the loss of valuable time and product. The SOPs for many of your areas must be keenly attended to. It is a matter of planning, reporting, performance and resources. The manufacturing of products is costly and the risk of product loss, customer dissatisfaction and regulatory issues drive Janitronics Building Services to perform all cleaning and sanitizing tasks with precision and accuracy. This is where our company excels.