Biotech & Life Sciences

Janitronics Building Services cleans more biotechnology and life science space than any other company in New England. The attention to detail and high standards of performance that the biotechnology and life science industries demand makes us unparalleled in the field of building services.

Trained Staff

Janitronics Building Services provides highly skilled crews for the cleaning of cleanrooms, all controlled environments and other laboratory environments. We spare no expense in training our crews to follow procedures for the most intricate SOPs and specifications. We understand that the highest level of service is necessary in these areas. From research and development to manufacturing to FDA and international regulatory agencies performing periodic inspections, we understand that cleanliness in your facility is paramount.


Our staff and supervisory personnel have been certified in the field of Cleanrooms and Controlled Environments – Housekeeping and Sanitation Theory, Techniques and Procedures. Our personnel undergo extensive classroom and hands-on training in the field of cleanrooms and controlled environments for both the industrial (electronics, aerospace, assembly, etc.) and healthcare (biotechnology, life science, pharmaceutical, and medical devices) industries.