Green Cleaning

At Janitronics Building Services, we think a cleaner environment is just as important as a cleaner workplace. That is why we are committed to providing a Green Clean Program with Green Seal cleaning products and equipment that are sound for the environment.


Green Clean is our program of customized building services committed to the use of environmentally sound Green Seal cleaning products. We know you can be environmentally responsible without sacrificing our superior standards of cleanliness. These products, when combined with eco-friendly supplies and procedures, enable us to maintain your property with minimal adverse effect on the planet we inhabit.

Why Green Clean?

Janitronics Building Services’ Green Cleaning Program promotes the wellbeing and safety of your properties’ occupants by eliminating their exposure to potentially hazardous contaminants, creating a positive effect on employee health and productivity.  This effective and reliable cleaning does not negatively impact the environment outside your building, continuing our long-term commitment to the protection of our environment. Our Green Cleaning Program will also assist your property down the path toward LEED certification.